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I’m not your typical B2B freelance copywriter.

Let me show you how great content drives sales!

B2B writer

who can channel his unique firsthand experience, communication skills and enthusiasm for B2B and technical products into compelling, SEO-optimized content that won’t just engage your target audience, but fascinate them, move them to action—and ultimately help drive sales.

A researcher

who won’t merely understand your company’s technical product or service but— geek alert here— will find them completely fascinating. No dry, dull content allowed!

A photographer

who knows exactly what images are needed to accompany the project, and can source or photograph them on the spot if you desire, saving you the substantial cost of dealing with a separate commercial photographer.

An interviewer

who can quickly and effectively switch gears and conversational styles, whether interviewing top executives, end-users or any source in between, and who will always represent your company positively and professionally.

From the content to the images, the level of detail is impactful and tells a story that even a layperson like myself can appreciate!

Sincere thanks, Guys!

Kim G. & Peter C.

Received a draft copy of your article and layout yesterday. Shared it with my colleagues in the office.

Great reviews from all of us.

George K.

I really like the article, especially how you brought the human element into it. It’s so easy to talk about technical data and facts so I think having the human element in there is very special to the reader and to our company. Kris W.


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Any competent writer can merely explain your B2B product.

I’ll make it fascinating to your customers and prospects.

Email or call Industrial Strength Marketing Communications to discuss how I can help your B2B product or service get the customer and media attention it deserves.

Thanks for your interest!

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